Is the I Amsterdam Card Worth It?

Congratulations! You’ve booked your trip to Amsterdam. After you’ve found your hotel and your transportation, the next step is figuring out what you would like to do to experience Amsterdam the way you want. Are you a museum buff? Or would you enjoy a more relaxing vacation spent bicycling? Perhaps you are a foodie and can’t wait to delve into Amsterdam’s restaurants? Amsterdam has something for everyone no matter what type of travel they enjoy.


When I booked my trip to Amsterdam I immediately began making a list of all of the things I would like to see and do. I definitely wanted to see the popular museums, but I also wanted to take in the culture with a bicycle ride and canal cruise. With the somewhat expensive museum admission fees and costs of transportation on the Metro, I researched which Amsterdam card was the best use for my time and money. I have never purchased a “city card” before as I believed they were a bit of scam. After I looked into the I Amsterdam card I discovered that it would actually save me money if I intended to go to all of the museums and sights I had set my heart on.


What you get:

Free transportation — This was useful as we traveled by tram and Metro multiple times a day. It was also raining a few days we visited, so public transport was extremely necessary as we didn’t want to walk.

Free museum entrance fees to most museums — Van Gogh + Rembrandt House were free, and there was a slight discount on the Rijksmuseum. Anne Frank House was not included as it is normally not included in any city card.

Free canal cruise — Canal cruises cost almost 20 euro so we were happy to experience this hour long tour of the city by boat.

Free entrance to the windmills — There are a bunch of windmills open at Zaanse Schans. Entrance to each windmill is 4 euro, and we went to a few.

Various discounts on bicycle rentals, restaurants, and attractions — We got a discount at the Heineken Experience. We ended up renting bikes at our hotel (which turned out to be free anyway). And most of the restaurants we ate at were not included in this particular card.


Was it worth it?

In the end, I’m pretty sure we only saved 10-15 euro but it was fun to scan the card in and keep it for my scrapbook. I planned on doing all of the things on my list regardless of the card or not, so it was worth it for my particular trip. It all depends on your itinerary and the type of travel you are interested in.

The cost for the I Amsterdam card is about 65 euros for a 48 hour pass. It can be purchased at any of the train stations, most hotels, and the airport. 


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