The Coolest City in Belgium


Antwerp is the epitome of the capital of cool. No, it’s not truly the capital of Belgium (that’s Brussels), but Antwerp is all things fashion, diamonds, and beauty. Having spent only one night here I was intent on soaking up all of the trendiness this city has to offer. Our hotel was situated on a main shopping road surrounded by diamond stores. Shopping is a huge part of the culture in Antwerp. The fashion stores are nestled in between chocolate shops and kiosks selling waffles.



Antwerp is only a 2 drive from Amsterdam or a 45 minute train to Brussels. The beautiful historic center was filled with solo travelers, couples, and school groups as the sun made its first real appearance in months. Right outside of the main city square, there is a pretty river that has an old castle that was previously used as a prison.



Besides taking advantage of all of Antwerp’s shopping, the food is worth a try. Of course, we tried the famous frites (topped with ketchup and mayonnaise) and Belgian beer. We had no idea but the week we arrived it was Belgian Chocolate Week. This led to us stopping in pretty much every single chocolatier to sample a little chocolate treat.


Antwerp was my first stop in Belgium, and I loved the architecture and atmosphere of the city. From Antwerp, we took a short train to Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent!




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