One Day in Frankfurt

One day in Frankfurt is all you’ll need to see this economic hub of Germany. I boarded the 11:45am train to Frankfurt from Munich Central Station. The journey lasted nearly 4 hours. Train travel is so fun and especially when you get both seats to yourself. Grab a coffee and you’re off to a brand new destination with the rural parts of Europe whizzing by your window.


Frankfurt is an interesting city because you don’t typically think of skyscrapers and bankers when Germany comes to mind. Apparently Frankfurt has the highest crime rate in Germany and isn’t seen as a very good city to live in if you’re not a successful business person. I could see why people say that as I walked around the city before heading to Matt’s game at Fraport Arena at 7:30pm.


Romerberg, or the Old Town, was my favorite part of Frankfurt. The buildings are so quintessentially German, and everyone else thought so too given the amount of people taking photos. I crossed the Eiserner Steg bridge to a different part of town and stopped in at Apfelwein Wagner restaurant. Apfelwein, or apple wine, is Frankfurt’s most popular drink. I tried some (along with schnitzel of course) and it wasn’t as bitter as people were making it out to be. They’ve been making apfelwein for hundreds of years.



After eating a quick meal and touring Frankfurt for an hour or two, I took the subway to see Matt’s volleyball game. I love how easy public transportation is in Germany and throughout Europe. Right before I was about to buy my bus ticket, a girl came up to me and gave me her day ticket she was no longer using. So lucky!




Frankfurt is a very interesting city. I think there’s a reason why it’s only seen as a layover stop on flights throughout Europe. Nevertheless, I love walking around new places and seeing for myself what they are like. Tschuss!



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