A to Zermatt: The Final Destination of Our Swiss Road Trip


On the last day of our amazing Swiss winter road trip we visited the home of the Matterhorn, Zermatt. This car-free village was so different than any of the cities we previously visited. Skiiers and snowboarders were EVERYWHERE. It was the Thursday before New Year’s Day, so Zermatt was extremely busy.



There are no cars allowed in this ski resort village, so we had to park our car at the Tasch Parking Terminal and take a 15 minute train to the town. Everybody must do this, so that is probably why they charge so much for the train ride. Nevertheless, it was a scenic ride and we loved the atmosphere of Zermatt as soon as we stepped off the train.




Horse-drawn carriages, Christmas lights, and the snowy mountains surrounded us. We popped into some shops and eventually had ourselves a cheese fondue dinner. It was so good! We talked about how fun a family vacation to Zermatt would be in the future — skiing and snowboarding and ending the day by the fireplace with some hot chocolate. There is no shortage of hotels and chalets in Zermatt. We even saw some hotel guests relaxing on their balcony watching the sun set over the Matterhorn….the life.




Zermatt is incredible and one of the most famous ski resort towns. It is definitely worth the visit even for a day trip like we did. We stayed in a town called Brig, 40 minutes outside of Zermatt. This made our trek back home to Munich shorter. I feel so grateful to be able to have visited this gorgeous little Christmas village and see the Matterhorn! Maybe next time we will try snowboarding or skiing…



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