A Perfect Weekend Getaway to Vienna


Ah, Vienna. Is there a place that has held onto its culture better than Vienna? A Mozart melody pours out of a traditional kaffeehaus while women walk by with big fur coats and horse carriages line the cobblestone streets. This town could make anyone swoon.



The capital of Austria is the epitome of old-town Europe. You would be hard pressed to find more quintessential European charm than this. The winter months are considered ball season, so we had the luxury of seeing all the men and women dressed up in their fancy tuxedos and gowns.


Kaffeehaus culture is not your typical Starbucks sit-down. Some of the kaffeehauses are from the 1800’s. We tried Sachertorte from the famous Cafe Sacher, and it was a recipe from 1832! Cafe Mozart and Cafe Central were our other two favorites. Coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, hot chocolate…everything was a solid 10/10.

Cafe Central

Demel is a well-known pastry shop. We loved walking around the chocolates, cakes, and treats. They even have a little spot in the back where you can watch them create these tasty confections.

Vienna is a true walking town. Although we visited at the end of January, we were able to walk to all the different cafes and museums given the town’s size. We loved getting lost in the little alleyways. There are so many different old apothekes (German word for apothecary; a place they sell medicine and cosmetics) and bookstores it truly feels like a time warp.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Sigmund Freud Museum is a great little museum for those psychologically-minded people like myself. It was very small, but it was amazing to see the real place he worked and met with clients.

Freud’s waiting room
Walking up the stairs to Freud’s office
The trunk Freud took to London after he left Austria due to the war

Vienna houses a lot of other museums, but we didn’t go into any others given our one-night stay. The Mozarthaus allows visitors to walk through his real apartment and where he wrote Marriage of Figaro. House of Music and the Albertina Art Museum are also very popular.

The best way to spend 48 hours in this magical city is to walk through the town soaking in every little detail. We walked past the Spanish Riding School, the State Opera House, and the Hofburg Palace. The architecture alone is enough. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is also a gorgeous place to spend time. It is situated right in the center of the city.

Outside the Hofburg Palace

The food and drink in Vienna are AMAZING. We had some of the best meals in the two days we traveled than our whole time in Europe. Well, maybe just the schnitzel was better than in Germany. Figlmuller’s has been making their world famous schnitzel for more than 100 years. We also had mouth watering ribs at a restaurant called Ribs of Vienna. To top off the strange assortment of food we were craving to eat, we had the yummiest dim sum at Mama Liu’s & Sons. Of course, after every meal we found ourselves at a kaffeehaus for an espresso and a treat.


Vienna is such a charming, fun city in Austria. I would love to return in the warmer months to walk around even more. I already miss all of the kaffeehaus treats!


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