Top 10 Things to Do in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the hub of all things Swiss. It is considered the economic center and business city of Switzerland. We obviously did not come for any business intentions aside from the fact that we made our business to find the best chocolate, cheese, and shopping.


Our bus from Annecy only took about 50 minutes without any border checks. (We love FlixBus!) We left early in the morning and came back to France in the evening. One day (for us) was more than enough time to soak in everything Geneva has to offer. We walked about 15 miles that day traversing the city of Geneva. Here’s what I would recommend doing to pass your time in Geneva, Switzerland:

1. International Red Cross Museum

We didn’t actually get a chance to tour the museum, rather we just went up to their cafe to eat lunch, but it was some of the best hours we spent here! I’m honestly not sure why. We had so much fun sitting in the cafe near the windows soaking in the winter sun eating our very big Swiss lunch and tiramisu.

2. Jet d’Eau

You can’t come to Geneva and miss the famous 400 meter high fountain in the middle of Lake Geneva. We even caught a rainbow or two over the course of the day.


3. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Swiss chocolate is just gooooood. We took home some chocolate bark and reminisced about our trip whilst eating it a couple days after we came home. Laderach shops are everywhere in Switzerland and offer really good treats.

4. Saunas

Although we didn’t get a chance to go into the sauna (you had to bring your own towels and naked people scare us), we really wanted to. Sometimes people jump in Lake Geneva after!

5. Lake Geneva

This lake is amazing. Apart from the obvious huge fountain in the middle, it was really cool to walk around the lake on the walking path. It was so cold, but there were so many people jogging and biking!


6. English Garden

This little spot of green land is right next to the edge of the water. It has the famous flower clock. I imagine it is quite popular in the summer.


7. Reformation Wall

We loved visiting the Reformation Wall! It was about 9am and nobody was around. We had the park all to ourselves and loved walking around the huge sculptures.


8. St. Pierre Cathedral

Right after seeing the Reformation Wall, we walked to this cathedral which opened at 10am. It was really cool inside and we even got a few postcards to take home. The grounds around the cathedral are also pretty and worth strolling around.


9. Palais des Nations

The UN flags are a popular place to snap a photo. The building itself was closed but we liked peering through the steel gates and seeing the flags and UN signs.



10. Drink coffee

We spent a lot of time in different coffee houses around Geneva waiting to go back to Annecy when our feet were too tired to walk anymore. Starbucks is very popular with the Swiss, but we tried to venture out and find more authentic places to sip a cappuccino.



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