The Most Charming Village in France


Bonjour! Over Christmas break we decided to road trip through Switzerland and hadn’t thought of much else. When I looked at the map I saw the popular town of Annecy in France sitting very close to the Swiss border. Annecy has garnered a lot of attention with its quaint canals and charming atmosphere. We spent 2 nights here and loved every minute. It was the highlight of our trip. France is our new favorite place! Well, at least Annecy is.


We stayed at the Mercure Hotel Annecy which I highly recommend to anybody traveling to Annecy. It was comfortable and directly in the city center. It offered parking, breakfast, and a large room by European standards. We wanted to stay even longer than two nights!


Although we took a bus to Geneva for a day trip, we got to spend time walking around the adorable streets of Annecy. Christmas markets usually end on December 24th, but Annecy’s market was the only Christmas market that stayed open past Christmas Day.


We enjoyed the BEST pizza and prime rib here last month and we’re still talking about it. Everybody was really kind and helpful in Annecy – something we weren’t quite expecting with the “French stereotype.”


The coffee and croissants were delectable in the chilly mornings walking around Lake Annecy. Everything about this town was adorable and I wanted to capture every bit of it! Annecy is the only city in France we have visited so far, but the rest of the country (especially Paris for me) is on our list for the future. Au revoir!



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