Berlin Berlin Berlin!


After many months spent living in Deutschland, I finally made it to the country’s capital: Berlin! Matt had 2 volleyball games last weekend, and I wasn’t about to miss them. It has been so much fun traveling around and watching him play.

Berlin is so different from Munich. If comparing these two cities to California, if Munich is Brentwood, then Berlin is Venice Beach. Seriously. It is very alternative, hip, and young. I haven’t seen a dread or pink hair in Munich, but those were everywhere in Berlin. It was nice to change it up for a weekend. I might have had to cling to my bag a little tighter than usual on Berlin subways compared to Munich’s, but hey it is all part of the traveling experience.

I stayed at a hotel in Potsdamer Platz for two nights and explored during the day. At night, I would take trams, subways, and trains to watch the volleyball games. It was also FREEZING. Like 20 degrees. Walking was a big part of my experience in Berlin, and I found myself thinking how enjoyable this city would be in the warm summer or spring. Nevertheless, I still got to do and see all of the fun Berlin sights.

I would very much recommend:

-East Side Gallery.

A portion of the Berlin Wall dedicated to colorful murals.



-Checkpoint Charlie.

Where the border patrol was between East and West Berlin.




-Topography of Terrors Museum.



-Potsdamer Platz.

-Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Yes, it’s a heavy name, but this labyrinth pays tribute to all who lost their lives in the Holocaust.



-Brandenburg Tor



-Reichstag Building

The government building where nation’s officials meet. You need an advance reservation to enter.



-Museum Island

A whole little island in the city dedicated to 5 cool museums. I visited the Pergamon Museum. 


-Berlin Cathedral



-Eat currywurst at Curry 36!


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