Interlaken: The Prettiest Place in Switzerland

Interlaken! This beauteous gem of a Swiss city. Once we passed through the lush mountains and gorgeous hilltops, we knew we were in for a real treat. Our bed and breakfast was so adorable (Gasthof Schonegg). Interlaken has two main lakes – Brienz and Thur. The main section of the city lays at the base of the mountains and surrounds Hoheweg street.



Our first night in Interlaken we walked down to Hoheweg and marveled at all the cute stores and shops. Okay, most of them were pretty touristy. Most of the menus were in Chinese due to the high number of Asian travelers. It was still fun to see all the Swiss chocolate and Swiss knife shops lining the street.


We were in luck, too! Our first time we were really thankful we were travelling during the holiday week. Interlaken’s Christmas market was still up and running. We watched ice skaters and Bavarian curlers. We enjoyed a Christmas beer brewed right there in Interlaken. Matt had a currywurst…of course.


Sweet boat house!

The next day we woke up in our little wooden B&B and headed downstairs for breakfast. Swiss breakfast is very small compared to American breakfast. With just some toast, cereal, and ham we embarked on our first morning walk. Honestly, the best walk ever. We walked past a little lake and decided to follow the trail. It led us to Lake Brienz – bluer than the sky and misty because of the morning. We took photos of the cute little lakeside cabins (all of which had names printed on the side). I love how they all name their houses.




Interlaken was so amazing, and I think about it almost daily! If we had more time we definitely would have gone up to the mountains or engaged in some snow activities like skiing or tobogganing. There were lots of paragliders too sailing over the lake, but there was no way I was doing that. Interlaken is the apparent place where William Tell got the apple shot off his head with the arrow. Who would’ve thunk.




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