How to Spend 2 Hours in Lucerne


On our way from Zurich to Interlaken, we stopped in the gorgeous little town of Lucerne. It was a little fairytale! It was so different from Zurich. Long bridges stretched from one side of the canal to the others while gorgeous windowpanes and shutters from the above residences looked down at us.


We parked in the Old Town parking garage and easily walked to the water. One of the main attractions of Lucerne is the Chapel Bridge, an old wooden bridge winding its way down the river making it to the other side. Inside the bridge walls there are painted murals that seemed hundreds of years old.


At the end of the big long street, Lake Lucerne meets you. I’m so glad we visited on a sunny day because sailboats were bobbing across the lake and it made for the cutest scene. For lunch, we grabbed panini’s at a local bakery shop. Because it was still the day after Christmas, most of the shops were still closed. It seems as if people didn’t care because the lakefront was so busy! Lucerne is a perfect stop between destinations on your Swiss trip. It could be taken as a weekend trip in itself but it seemed like our few hours there was enough time to enjoy the city before embarking on our one hour drive to Interlaken.



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