Quick Guide: Zurich


Zurich is a city that has long captured the hearts of travelers making their way through Switzerland or the rest of Europe. This profound city was our first stop on our week long vacation to Switzerland. Only a three hour drive from our home in Germany, it made the perfect place to celebrate Christmas Day.


Having booked our hotel only a few days prior to arriving due to a last-minute decision to prolong the trip (oops), it was a 10 minute train ride to the city center. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we loved the train so much! Probably because we accidentally sat in the first class lounge the first time we boarded. Sorry not sorry.



Zurich is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer travelers. We enjoyed walking along the lake promenade and taking photos at sunset of the pretty pink and purple skies. Its riverfront shops and cafes really pave the way for a quintessential Swiss experience. Overlooking the river is Lindenhof Platz, a sprawling park that provides excellent views of the river and the city below. We spent a bit of time here before indulging in the best hot chocolate ever at Cafe Schober.



This Swiss hub has a different atmosphere around every corner. We walked through narrow cute alleys before reaching Bahnhofstrasse, the main shopping street in Zurich. In the winter, this street lies below thousands of twinkling, white lights that illuminate the entire street. Most stores were closed on Christmas Day, but we were thankful to find a surprisingly very good pizzeria near the train station for our Christmas meal.


Zurich is definitely the place to be in Switzerland.




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