Our Trip to Eagle’s Nest


I love Germany because you can take an hour’s drive and end up in a completely different part of the country. You can even travel to a different country with a different language and currency with a simple 2-3 hour’s drive. We had wanted to go to Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) because of its historical relevance and its gorgeous view from above the clouds.

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Eagle’s Nest is a 2 hour’s drive from our home, Herrsching, and sits on the border of southern Germany and Austria. Driving into Berchtesgaden, you can hear the cowbells ringing from the fields. (We later looked at our carton of milk and discovered our milk was made from this area.) The last 15 minutes of the drive are up a winding road until we finally parked our car and bought our bus ticket to an even further spot up on the mountain. Cars are not allowed to visit the Eagle’s Nest. The shuttle was about 10 minutes long and it provided amazing sights of lush mountains above the clouds. It got colder and colder with every inch the shuttle bus moved along.

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When we arrived at Eagle’s Nest we were met with a huge gust of bone chilling wind and a cute house sitting on the highest part of the mountain. This is where we learned more about the history behind this place. Eagle’s Nest was Hitler’s secret meeting place where he would bring government officials and high-ranking soldiers to discuss the war and what they planned to do. He must have been very paranoid to build a place so high and out of sight from others.

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In a weird turn of events, the meeting place was converted into a popular restaurant. But, to reach the restaurant one must walk through a long lit tunnel (the same one Hitler was driven through) and ride the elevator up to the meeting place. The elevator was especially strange to me because I had never been so sure I was in the same place as one of the most evil people to walk the planet until now. After getting off the elevator, we were able to walk around the small dining room and look at the real fireplace gifted to Hitler from Mussolini. Very eerie!

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We took some photos of the outside views, but we were so cold we only lasted about 10 minutes. If we had visited in warmer weather, we might have hiked up to the top and avoided the shuttle bus, but it was way too freezing to do that! Nevertheless, Eagle’s Nest was an amazing day trip from Herrsching.

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