What to Eat in Italy

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Ah…Italy. The land of food comas and smells you want to make into perfumes. If I were to make a post about what to eat in Italy, it could go on forever. My Italian knowledge of food consists of 24 hours spent in Milan. This, of course, does not even touch on Florence, Rome, and Sicily where food is held on a completely different pedestal.

Most people make a mental list of museums they want to check out, parts of the town they want to venture into, or activities they want to accomplish. Restaurants and different foods to eat are slowly but surely making their way onto these lists. To experience the food and drink from another part of the world is to understand the people and culture of that place in one bite or sip.

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So, what are some of the best foods to sample in Italy?

  • PASTA (carbonara, ravioli, lasagna, gnocchi, you name it)

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These are just the foods I was able to try in one day/night! I can’t even imagine how delicious the rest of the Italian regions’ foods are going to be. Every region specializes in its own type of food, so the pizza from Milan will be different from the pizza in Sicily. One thing is for certain though — food from Italy is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Buon appetito!


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