Best Travel Apps + Websites

It’s no secret that a lot of planning goes into a vacation. Hotels, rental cars, activities, and transportation all have to be put into order before an eager traveler can truly relax and enjoy their holiday. (Did I just say holiday?! I promise I’m still an American at heart.)


Personally, I love creating itineraries for different trips. Sometimes I’ll even create future plans for trips I have no interest going on for another decade. My best friends during this planning process consist of many apps, websites, and blogs.


Here are some of my favorite resources to rely on when I’m planning a vacation or when I need help while traveling!

  • Rome2Rio — One of my favorite apps to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B in the quickest, least expensive way. Also available as an Iphone app.
  • Google Translate — Such a great tool when you have to translate menus, signs, etc. Click the photo image and translate foreign languages in real time! Add it to your phone’s apps and use it even without service. It has saved me so many times, especially when I’m ordering food in German!
  • Duolingo — Also one of my favorites. Learn a new language in a really fun, easy way. I downloaded this app and used it for 3 months prior to moving to Europe to learn German. Danke Duolingo!
  • Whatsapp — Super easy app to text friends and family back home without fear of hiking up your phone bill. Mostly everybody has Whatsapp now…
  • World of Wanderlust travel blog — Before leaving for a new city I will typically look up this blog’s guides on what to see, eat, and do! I met her in LA and she was super sweet.
  • US News & World Report — This one is kind of an unknown, but I’m obsessed with this feature of the site. Just type in the city you’re traveling to and popular things to see and do are ranked. It is a perfect way to make sure you’re seeing all of the major attractions or museums of each city.
  • Trip It — Such a lifesaver. Your whole trip itinerary in one app. Any email you get referring to a future hotel stay or plane/train ride will pop up in this app. Really nice when you need to pull up flight confirmation details quickly.
  • Hotel Tonight — I think this app is becoming more popular, but I haven’t used it in some time. Do you need a hotel in the next 3 or so days? This app communicates with hotels around the globe to find really inexpensive rooms that haven’t sold out yet. We stayed at Caesar’s Palace (in a suite no less!!) for ~$50 in Las Vegas in May the weekend of my birthday.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My hotel in Austria 😮
  • Map Me — I just downloaded this app a week ago, but I so wish I had done it earlier! Do you need Google or Apple maps because you’re lost and don’t know where to go? Yeah, me too. Recently I’ve gotten off a subway in Milan or Verona and had no idea where to go. Map Me is a map that doesn’t need Wifi. It tracks where you are and tells you how many minutes it will take to get there. We used this app while driving home from Neuschwanstein Castle a couple weeks ago.
  • Wiki Travel — Last but certainly not least. A perfect travel guide created for multiple cities. Google the name of the city you’re going to + “wiki travel” and voila! Now you have plenty of information about what to do, where to stay, and how to get there.



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