Moving to Munich

Tops of 15th century Gothic churches, bright blue skies, and a faint sound of music is what a birds eye view of Munich would give the luckiest traveler. On the ground Munich is a much louder and exciting atmosphere: brown cobblestones, the sound of beer steins clinking together, and charming Bavarian buildings.


My fiancé and I have been living in a small studio right in the middle of Munich for about 4 weeks, and we could not be happier! Schwabing is one of the nicest, cleanest neighborhoods only a few subway stops away from the city center. Our days have been filled with perusing museums, finding the best pretzels and sausages, volleyball practices, and navigating the streets of Germany.


Only one month into our 7-8 month stay in Germany, I think we have gotten a pretty good handle on expat life. Language barriers and currency differences haven’t posed a huge problem. One big difference is the complete silence and stillness the city experiences on Sunday. We hopped off of the plane on a Saturday night in August and planned on getting bath supplies the next day. Unfortunately, this was not possible and we were forced to prolong our showers (!) until Monday.

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Apart from the small differences, Germany has been one of the easiest countries to get acclimated to from the United States. The people are very helpful (and English speakers, thank goodness!) and the city is safe. Munich definitely has two vibes: an old, traditional Bavarian charm and a newer, progressive urban feel. Walking down the cobblestones looking up at the carved statues on the buildings transports me to another era, but the sudden vroom of the newest BMW on the street awakens me and quickly brings me back to present day. Nevertheless, Munich has something for just about every traveler.

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We are so excited to travel around Europe, plan our wedding for next August, and win some volleyball matches!

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